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Help Us Tackle the Lack of Women & Diversity in Media.

When is the last time you saw someone who looked like you in media represented in an authentic positive way? Too often, the media perpetuates destructive stereotypes about women, people of color, immigrants, and low-income communities. They affect the way we feel about ourselves and the way we navigate the world. For many of us, decades of racial and gender stereotypes have altered our ability to access basic needs, from housing to education to careers.

Our children carry the burden of negative media stereotypes every day. They begin to internalize these messages, even those that are subtle. They doubt themselves, feel invisible, depressed and oppressed when others bully them, avoid them, or act on racial or gender biases that aren’t true. Negative stereotypes in media are passed on in harmful ways without people really realizing that they’re doing it.

 Are we really still dealing with the same old pervasive racial and gender stereotypes in 2017? Our youth are sick of it and we’re doing something about it! We want to live in a world where we are surrounded by positive images about diverse communities and truthful messages, not tokenized two dimensional characters and harmful stereotypes. Don’t you? 

Your new storytellers are here.

For 13 years, BAYCAT has been a platform for stories untold. We believe a better world starts with better ways of seeing each other. BAYCAT is changing not only the stories that get told, but the storytellers who get to tell them, by tackling the lack of diversity in media. 


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